Recreational Shopping or Voluntary Simplicity?


ABC’s morning show AM Northwest asks William Powers: “What about recreational shopping? Americans love to hit the mall and shop for fun… What do you recommend?” Powers answers that and gives other insights from Twelve by Twelve in this short video. Enjoy and pass it on.

Do you mean there's life after shopping?

                                                                    Watch the interview

2 Responses to “Recreational Shopping or Voluntary Simplicity?”

  1. Lois Wauson says:

    This was an interesting interview. I have come back to my roots (I am 78 years old), in S. Texas, where i lived a farm during the Depression years and the 1940′s. I got rid of most of my “things” during the last 8 years, and came back to this little town of Floresville, TX, I think Bill has the right idea, sometimes your things and your habits (recreational shopping) cause stress and unhappiness. I tell people I am “driving in the slow lane these days” and I am very happy.
    Lois Zook Wauson

  2. Thanks for sharing that Lois. It was a pleasure to see you at the Twelve by Twelve event in San Antonio a month back, and I look forward to seeing Trent in Bolivia in January. Be well, in the wonderful slow lane.

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