A Salon, in the Spirit of Thomas Berry

While visiting my parents in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in late November, Herman Greene, who directs the Center for Ecozoic Studies, a group based on the work of “ecologian” Thomas Berry, invited me to give a salon at the home of Charles and Dianna Coble. They asked me to make a presentation and enter into conversation with the participants on this topic: “Given your long commitment to sustainability and transition, what are you doing now, what do you see going on, what gives you hope, what discourages you, and where do you see possibilities for transition?”

It was a dynamic evening with much fruitful exchange. For example, when talking about vivir bien or “living well” one Senegalese participant pointed out that when he returns to his country he does not feel he’s actually returned until he has gone into the countryside, into the villages. It ties in with the idea the “community” must include both nature and people. Go bio-centrism!

Here we are after the event: Melissa, Clea and I with Herman Greene.