You as Creature: What is biocentrism?

A reflection on our creaturehood, as I think of my two daughters growing up in this fast-changing world:

How difficult it has become today to be what you are: a creature in a territory to which it belongs. We pass a hundred billboards flashing the things you must possess. Kids compete against Separation-programmed kids for grades and teacher-praise, hardly anyone aware their world is imagined, through the mind of one Species alone. On social media, we have become the conjunction of a set of data points into which marketers drop baited hooks. In short, we are informed that you are something that you really are not, and then further informed that that “something” is by definition not good enough. “Never stop improving” is how one major corporate motto captures the cradle-to-grave ethos of Sapiens. 
                This 1-minute video from our land here in Samaipata captures something of how our daughter is growing up outside of this ethos. I hope you enjoy it.